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African Mango Side Effects

African Mango helps you lose weight by burning fat. Unlike fat-burning chemicals (such as ephedra, synephrine) that may have adverse side effects, African Mango is a natural fruit that have been used by native people for thousands of years. Studies done on African Mango reveal that taking of this natural dietary supplement is relatively safe. While there may be mild side effects like headache, dry mouth, G.I. problems, flu-like symptoms, and sleep problems, studies have yet to reveal toxicity related side effects.

Though there have not been any reported serious side effects of the fruit itself, when considering the side effect of African Mango diet pills, you have to consider the other components in the pills and how the pill was manufactured. There can be some adverse side effects when taking African Mango pills containing harmful chemical component(s), and/or manufactured in plant that is not GMP certified or following FDA regulatory guidelines. Without this regulation, product can be made with little safety precautions and the consumer is at risk for adverse side effects from the manufacturing process. To avoid potential side effects, make sure the African Mango diet pills are manufactured in a regulated facility here in the USA. Don't put your health at risk by saving a few dollars buying diet pills without scrutiny.

You can find African Mango product that is made in the USA and is GMP certified: YipizTM African Mango Fat Burner.


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